The beginning of the end

The end is inevitable as man’s self destructive actions on his environment increases so does the destructive effects on the environment also increase.

From global warming to meteor shower and forest fires these signs are not to be neglected but rather taken seriously

Wildfires point to the end

There is no explanation whatsoever linked to cause of wildfires other than they point to the end , the end is indeed close and not very far away the far reaching effects of man’s activities on itself and environment are indeed evident .

Another reminder is the Chelyabinsk meteor which occurred in Russia February 15th 2013 there was no direct effect of the meteor on human lives but was indirect injuring in over a thousand people it is an example of what is to come .

The end is here no matter the words used to mince the truth, humanity draws to end and no one is doing anything and cannot do anything about it.

Prepare yourself obey biblical principles and make heaven at last and if you have not identified with Jesus accept Jesus today as Lord and saviour.

May it be haven at last.


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