Mosquitoes taking lives in the United States

Birds acts as the reservoirs for the EEE virus with no effect on the birds the EEE virus – Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus becomes active after the female mosquito feeds on the infected bird mostly in swamps,  marshlands and water logged areas transmitting the virus to the humans and horses .

The virus can’t be transmitted from person to person but when in theThe Eastern equine encephalitis was first discovered in 1933 and isolated from the human central nervous system in 1938 with humans as well as horses being susceptible to the virus blood stream it can replicate and travel in the bloodstream and becomes severe when it crosses the blood brain barrier of the infected person to damage the brain and result into paralysis.

 There are four variants of the virus but only one is endemic to North America and the Caribbean and responsible for EEE the date rates seems to be on the rise with many as ten deaths from the virus with more cases in Florida,  Newyork and Georgia.

 The prevalence at this period is associated with the warm weather as mosquitoes thrive from late spring to early fall.


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